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Is Lawn Mowing Maintenance a Landlord or Tenant Responsibility ?

Is it the tenant’s or the owner’s responsibility to mow the lawns of your property? Hands down – it is the tenant’s responsibility if the property is not acreage, however lawn and garden maintenance terms should be written into the Tenancy Agreement and discussed prior to the start of tenancy. So, if your tenant is not mowing the lawn, what can you do? There are several options for addressing this issue: 1st stop – Have the…

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As property owners it can be very tempting to just have things repaired/replaced as problems surface – and often without any real effort into prevention. Although this approach can reduce your short term financial cost, in the long run it can be quite costly in future repairs/replacements of items that may not have been necessary if a preventative service had been conducted. Air Conditioners are a classic example of this.…

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