One of the hardest things about renting is that you can’t change much about the property. And if you’re living in an apartment or small place, lack of storage can be one of the biggest challenges to overcome. There are things you can do; however, that will create more storage space in your home. Here’s our list of easy ways to create more storage in your home.

Use space under your bed or buy a storage bed

To create extra storage space in your bedroom, you could buy a bed with built-in storage or use the space underneath your bed to store items you don’t use all the time. You can buy a variety of under bed storage boxes from a range of stores to protect your items and keep them organised.

Try a storage ottoman

If you are going to add an ottoman to your bedroom or living space, you could buy an ottoman with a storage compartment. This is a perfect place to store blankets, miscellaneous items and spare pillows. You can even customise the upholstery to make it a statement piece in the space.

Buy furniture with drawers and storage

For other areas of your home, you could buy items like bedside tables and desks that have storage drawers included. Small bedside drawers are great for storing little things like socks and underwear if your wardrobe lacks space. At your desk, storage drawers can be great to keep all of your important documents and passport in one place.

Wall hung coat rack

Make sure you ask your landlord or property manager before you install this one. If you live in a cooler climate, a wall hung coat rack at the door can make an excellent place to keep bulky coats and jackets from taking up important wardrobe real estate while keeping them within close reach.

Smaller containers for large shelves

If you’re struggling with how to best use a large shelf in your linen cupboard or pantry, try buying some smaller containers and plastic desktop drawers to create a more organised system. This will allow you to store a variety of items on one big shelf.


Not only will being smart about creating more storage in your home help you stay more organised, but it will help you clear the physical clutter from your living spaces. This can help to create a more calming living environment, and it also forces you to focus on only having the items you regularly need within easy reach.

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