Moving out with friends?

Moving into a share house is an exciting milestone for many flatmates. Whether you’re moving in with a group of friends or you’ve found your dream housemates on, there are a few things you’ll need to buy before the big move.

Here’s our list of what you need to buy before you move into a share house.

An indoor plant

It’s probably best to buy this one after you’ve finished moving and you’ve checked your housemates don’t have any allergies.

An indoor plant is a great way to brighten up any space and filter the air in your home.

You could buy an indoor plant for your bedroom or even check if your housemates would be ok with you adding a plant to one of the shared living areas in your place.


There’s nothing better than climbing into bed with fresh new linen. Moving into a share house is the perfect time to spruce up your linen so take the opportunity to buy some linen that will make you excited for sleep every night.

In a share house, making sure you always have a clean towel is also important. Buy a few new towels to keep in your bedroom, so you always have clean linen set aside for yourself.

Fresh cutlery

Not everyone likes to share the mystery cutlery already available in their kitchen when they move.

If you’d like fresh cutlery, take the opportunity to buy yourself a set of new kitchen items before your big move.

A deep wok or non-stick frypan

Along with your fresh cutlery, a new fry pan will make sure you have your own clean items to cook with every day.

A deep wok or non-stick fry pan will give you a versatile item for cooking stir-fry, soaking noodles or even cooking pasta.

A mirror

If you’re moving to a share house, there’s a good chance you may be sharing a bathroom (unless you’ve scored the master bedroom).

Adding a mirror to your bedroom is a great way to avoid waiting for the bathroom when you need to put on some makeup or do your hair.

Mini Fridge

This might not be possible in all situations but if you have the room it will highly benefit you.

There are plenty of stories we hear where flatmates have helped themselves to something that’s not theirs. With a minifridge, it helps mitigate your food or drinks going missing (most of the time).

flatmate checklistNow you can move out

Purchasing the items listed above before you move into a share house will make your transition to the new place a smooth one, plus it will make you feel more at home.

These items don’t need to break the bank either with stores like Target and Kmart offering affordable options for everything you need at home.

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