With PROPOSED Rental Law reforms being such a controversial topic it is important that Landlords and Tenants alike ensure they are well informed with what is being proposed and the resultant outcome on property investment of such reforms. The Real Estate Institute Queensland has published a lot of information which assists in understanding what outcome the reforms could have …..

The REIQ strongly apposes the reforms and believes that The Minister for Housing and Public Works, Mick de Brenni , Stage 1 of proposed rental reforms will significantly damage Queensland’s rental market and create the most onerous rental laws in the country.

Some of the proposed law reforms are

  • The proposed abolishment of a landlord’s right to not renew a tenancy agreement at the end of its agreed term
  • the loss of a landlord’s right to refuse pets;
  • the introduction of a tenant right to make modifications to a rental property without the landlord’s consent; and

The reforms have the potential to destroy Queensland’s rental market, by eroding the fundamental rights of landlords, and subsequently deterring future investors.

It’s crucial that the voices of Queensland landlords are heard, and that your feelings on this important issue are properly understood.

To do that, the REIQ has created a six-question survey for property owners to share their views.  Please take five minutes to complete the survey by clicking the link below, and help us convince the government to reconsider these damaging proposed reforms, in favour of laws that will benefit both landlords and tenants.


The REIQ has also developed a website which shares a lot of information on the reforms and ways in which you can have your say.

Rental Reforms 

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