I have been amazed at the low expectation of  Landlords in regards to the process undertaken by their previous Property Managers when new tenants are approved to live in their house.

At Astute Realty , based at Hope Island, we make sure the 9 page Entry Condition Report is completed in detail along with approximately 150 photos being kept on file to ensure  every detail of the condition of your property is recorded. Astute Realty – based at Hope Island is dedicated to offering boutique personal service where we believe Real Estate is more than bricks and mortar it is about people, families and communities!

Answer to your questions about Condition Reports

Q: How important is the condition report?
A: The simple answer is that the condition report is very important.

The landlord must provide the incoming tenant with a completed condition report. In turn, the tenant must complete their part and return the report within 7 days of receiving it. The condition report is required regardless of whether or not a rental bond is taken.

Both parties are required to complete two condition reports; one at the start of the tenancy and the other when the tenant(s) moves out.
The condition reports are a key piece of evidence at the end of the tenancy if there is a dispute about who should pay for cleaning, damage or the replacement of missing items. This is primarily done by comparing the two reports. Where a dispute arises and a condition report was not completed at the commencement of the tenancy, it can often be up to the landlord to prove they are right.

More information is available on the filling out of a condition report on the Queensland Government website.



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