While many people could criticise renting saying that the money you pay for your weekly rent isn’t going towards paying off your own home, there’s also an array of benefits that come with renting. Not only does renting allow you to experience living in areas where you may not be able to buy a home,   as well as grow wealth through investing, however it also gives you more flexibility to move should your work or lifestyle choices require a move . 

 With the possibility that you could be on the move quite regularly as a renter, embracing the minimalist lifestyle can make this process easier. Here’s how minimalism can make renting more convenient.


Moving becomes easier

Whether you want to move out of your current property or not, having fewer personal possessions to move between properties makes moving easier. Not only is it easier to pack, but you’ll also save money on removalists particularly if they’re charging you an hourly rate. If you’re very minimalistic with your belongings, you may even be able to move places by yourself if you have access to a large vehicle or ute.


You put more thought into your furniture purchases

When you’re a minimalist, the big-ticket purchases you make require some thought especially if you don’t know where you’ll be living next. Instead of hastily making big purchases that only work in your current property, as a minimalist you’re more likely to put some extra time and thought into that next sofa purchase. For example, if you love apartment living and you usually live in a smaller place, you might spend the time to research and find a couch that includes hidden storage space or sofa bed.


You limit your financial commitments

As a minimalist with your personal possessions, it’s natural to wonder how you can practice minimalism in other areas of your life. With the freedom that is renting, it may be hard to justify committing to something like a 24-month gym membership or internet account. To enjoy all the benefits of a gym membership without the long-term financial commitment, you could try ClassPass or research the month-to-month options that your local gyms offer. While you may not find something flexible at each business, more and more companies realise the value that flexibility provides to their customers today.


Renting provides many benefits to people with today’s busy lifestyle. While it can be difficult not knowing if you’re staying in the same property year after year, practising minimalism as a renter will make renting more convenient for you.

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