At Easter most Australians will take advantage of an extended weekend and go away to enjoy the first holiday after the Christmas break.

Easter to many means Chocolate Easter Eggs and a Easter Egg Hunt and perhaps an Easter Bonnet parade at school or kindergarten. However other countries celebrate Easter in a variety of ways. Here is a little snapshot of Easter Traditions around the world….


On Easter Monday young boys sprinkle perfume or water over a young women’s head and ask for a kiss. This was borne out of the belief that water was cleansing and had a fertility-inducing effect.


Children dress up as witches wearing long skirts and colourful headscarves. They go from home to home trading homemade paintings and drawings for sweet treats.

Corfu, Greece

Easter Saturday is called Holy Saturday and is the time of “Pot Throwing”. People throw pots, pans and earthenware from their windows onto the street below to welcome in Spring and the new crops that will be gathered in Pots.


Good Friday is a time that the locals fly home-made kites, eat codfish cakes and hot cross buns. Rumour has it that this came about after a British Sunday School teacher had trouble explaining Christ’s ascension to a local congregation and built a kite to demonstrate what he meant.


Here families don’t just give eggs, they throw them at one another! Whoever comes out of the fight by catching an unbroken egg is said to be the one who will have the most success in the coming year. Children’s cheeks are also rubbed with red-coloured eggs to symbolize health and strength.

Czech Republic

Easter Monday is the one day where men are allowed to playfully spank women with handmade whips made of willow and decorated with ribbons. Of course, this is fun and not meant to cause pain! As Willows are the first trees to bloom in Spring, this act is supposed to transfer the tree’s vitality and fertility to women.

However you chose to celebrate the Easter holiday we hope that you enjoy your family and please remember to drive safely!

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