Throughout the warmer Summer months some Landlords and Tenants may experience their beautiful lawn falling victim to Lawn Grub. The good news is- your lawn can be revived and look as good as new with very little effort, here is some Astute Realty pointers to help detect and treat lawn grub……
Signs of Lawn Grub
– If you notice patches of lawn suddenly dying, this could be evidence of armyworm activity. You may also notice small, grey moths flying around your lawn. (These moths are armyworms in their adult stage, looking for a place to lay their eggs.)
– You may see wasps hovering over your lawn. Certain species of wasp are a predator of lawn grubs and use them as hosts to feed their young.
– Soft small cotton like cocoons may appear in the ceiling of your awning, window sills, or plants
– There are many Grub treatments for lawns, available at your local Hardware store which can be easily watered in as granules or sprays connected directly to your hose. It is also also a good idea to broom and hose the cocoons to limit the moth activity.

If you are worried about the condition of your Lawn call your property manager at Astute Realty so it can be assessed.



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