There really is no better time than spring to roll up your sleeves and maintain your property. Whether it is an investment property, soon to be on the market or your own home, scheduling regular maintenance and cleaning can lessen the costs involved and add profit to your pocket! Most people underestimate what can be accomplished with these simple tips! It costs little and makes a huge impact! So without further ado here are our 8 Tips to Spring Cleaning for profit. 


1- Make a plan

It can be overwhelming to look at your property and see all the tasks you hope to accomplish. Consider listing all the possible jobs you want to tackle and then simply prioritize them in order of importance. For some, there may be a deadline and so the most impactful tasks might need to be scheduled first. For others, starting with the smallest, simplest tasks could be just what is needed to build momentum in the spring cleaning process.

BONUS TIP: Consider creating a list of the zones of your house. Schedule one or two zones to be decluttered, cleaned or repaired each weekend over the months of spring!

2- Do a deep clean

Don’t neglect those areas that can easily be overlooked. A potential buyer or tenant will pay what they see as valuable. A home with a sparkling oven, polished light fixtures and cleaned windows and tracks will look and feel more appealing.
Other places worth paying a little attention to include drains, behind the toilet, behind the bookshelf, or under the couch. And don’t neglect to maintain your airconditioning unit. A good deep clean will make sure your home looks and smells amazing! It also makes the process of moving that much easier when the time comes.

3- Put on a fresh coat of paint

Considering the condition, age, or appearance, you may want to freshen up your space and put on a fresh coat of paint. Since you are cleaning up and throwing things out, this may be the best time to touch up some paintwork.
BONUS TIP: Curb appeal is key! Consider paying attention to the exterior of your property. If painting is out of the question, consider giving the exterior a good clean to spruce things up. This one task alone can impact the profit you can make on your property.

4- Focus on the garden

Another great Spring Cleaning for profit tip is that a good garden can immediately transform the way your property is perceived. It carries on from the last point in that a well-maintained garden can add incredible curb appeal! Think of new garden beds, trimming down hedges and removing unsightly weeds. Even the simplest but well maintained garden can transform the look of your property.

5- Scrub and seal grout

When you are cleaning your kitchen or bathrooms, it’s a good idea to also pay attention to your grout and sealant. Over time this area will commonly build up dirt or stains. A deep clean of this area is bound to bring back its original colour and shine.
If the grout or sealant is starting to crack, you can reseal or regrout the area entirely. If you see issues with stains or makers, consider hiring a professional steaming company to clean these areas.

6- Fix the little things

While you are deep cleaning, you should also tackle the things that you have been meaning to fix or change. Consider your light bulbs are all working, that all door knobs, kitchen cabinet handles and taps are in good working order. These tasks are often left until the time of sale or a change of tenants when it costs little to maintain as you go but can be quite a task if you let them build up. Not only that but left unchecked, small problems can result in larger repairs down the track. To learn more about repairs, maintenance and improvements click here.

7- Get rid of the clutter

Now is definitely the time to scan your home for any broken, outdated or unused items. Whether you have that broken stool in the kitchen, an old lawnmower gathering dust, or that drawer full of mismatched Tupperware containers, it is clutter! Reclaim space by getting rid of the junk! Your space will look and feel larger and you will feel lighter by letting go of excess or useless “stuff”.

BONUS TIP: Convert those unused items to cash by selling to a second hand goods store, hosting a garage sale or listing on Marketplace, Ebay or Gumtree. One of the simplest ways to spring clean for profit!

8- Invest in a professional house cleaning service

If you simply don’t have the time to invest in maintaining your property, consider investing in a professional company to get the job done. Professional cleaners have the knowledge and tools to clean efficiently! This strategy also applies to investing in garden maintenance and repairs.

Time and time again we have seen firsthand the difference having a clean and tidy home can have to the profit made on the sale of a property. And don’t underestimate the importance of maintaining and looking after tenants. You will attract a high quality tenant who takes pride in their home and will be an asset to you in the way they take care of the property. Likewise, neglecting to pay attention to the details can result in a less interest or worse, tenants who don’t care for your investment. This can cost well into the thousands long term.


Whether you are cleaning for profit in the items you can sell, the return you can make on a well presented property or the profit gained from an amazing sale price, spring cleaning for profit is worth putting in that extra effort ahead of time.

Spring Cleaning here we come!

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