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Drivers Licence* 30 Points
Current Passport 30 Points
18+ card 30 Points
Previous Tenancy References* 20 Points
Previous Rent Ledger* 20 Points
Current Wage Advice (2 months)* 15 Points
Current Motor Vehicle Registration 15 Points
Current Bank Statement* 15 Points
Last Paid Telephone or Electricity Bill* 15 Points
Medicare Card or Health Care Card 15 Points
Birth Certificate 10 Points
Other Photo ID 10 Points
*Items above must be provided.

Once all documentation (including references etc) is checked, our Property Management staff will contact you within 24-48 (business) hours to advise of ‘outcome’. All ‘final’ decisions on ‘suitability’ for tenancy is left up to the owner of the property (landlord) for final decision. If your application has been approved, then you will be asked to pay one (1) week’s ‘holding deposit’ to secure the property.

An appointment will then be made for you to sign all Tenancy documentation. At this time, you will need to pay another week’s rent and four weeks bond. Then the ‘QLD General Tenancy Agreement’ and other accompanying documentation can be signed.

You cannot be given the keys to the premises until this process takes place, rent has been paid and documents signed.

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The following identification items are required to accompany your Astute Realty Tenancy Application. Please read this before you fill out the application.

One application required

One application is to be completed by each adult person (over 18) who will be residing permanently in the property.

Identification documentation

Applicants are to supply their own photocopies of identification documentation required to process the application, otherwise a charge of 50c per copy will be made.

Copies of documents

Copies of documents from those listed below must accompany each separate application.

Mandatory documents

Please note the documentation must include a current driver’s licence, passport or 18+ Card. The ‘originals’ of your licence and passport must be sighted (with supplied photocopies) at the time of handing in your application.

Tenant Privacy

Astute Realty uses the below privacy amendment with regards to personal information provided by a prospective tenant during the tenancy application process and continuing on into the actual tenancy.

Privacy Amendment (Privacy Sector) Act 2000

Astute Realty will only use, and disclose, personal information (either verbal or written) provided by the applicant as part of the ‘tenancy application process’. This information is used to verify the Applicant’s identity and to process and evaluate the tenancy application.

As part of the verification process, Astute Realty (without limitation), may:

Disclose to, and obtain from, those people named in the tenancy application, information about the applicant, in order to check the accuracy of information provided in the tenancy application and in order to determine whether the applicant is an appropriate tenant for the property; and

Disclose to, and obtain from, third party operators of tenancy reference databases, information about the applicant for the purpose of searching those databases for details about the applicant.


If the application is successful, personal information collected about the applicant in the tenancy application, in the tenancy agreement and during the course of the tenancy, may be used by the agent, and disclosed to third parties, (including the landlord, other agents, potential buyers of the tenanted property and trades people maintaining and repairing the tenanted property) as necessary, to manage the tenancy relationship and tenanted property.


If the applicant enters into a tenancy agreement, but fails to comply with the tenancy obligations under that agreement, that fact and other relevant personal information collected about the applicant, may be disclosed to the landlord, third party operators of tenancy reference databases and/or other agents.


If the applicant would like to access any personal information, which Astute Realty holds about the applicant, he/she can do so by contacting Astute Realty. Astute Realty may refuse access to such information in the limited circumstances provided within the Federal ‘Privacy Act’. Astute Realty may charge the applicant a reasonable fee to provide the requested access.


Astute Realty will take all reasonable steps to correct any personal information held by Astute Realty about the applicant which the applicant proves to be inaccurate, incomplete or ’out-of-date’. If the information described in the tenancy application is not provided, Astute Realty may refuse to accept and process the application.

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"Thank you all so much for making this happen! Couldn't have had a better support network to be working with through this crazy time. The same contacts will be staying on my phone for the next one. Huge cheer to all!! Thanks Heaps!"
"Top-notch real estate management as a landlord. I have always found the service to be proactive, transparent and faultless. Great communication."
Mitch Beck
"Tammy and the team at Astute have been AMAZING! They are thorough and know how to put your mind at ease. They had my investment property rented out in less than a week for more than I was expecting! Highly recommend."
Scott Vatcher
"We have dabbled in property for around 30 yrs and found Astute to be the best agents. Responsive and able to deal with, when a problem arises. On top of their game and good to be in business with."
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