Our Residential Tenancies Act’s refer to “Fair Wear and Tear” with regards to the handing over of a property by the Tenant at the conclusion of a tenancy. There are many definitions available for Fair Wear and Tear so what do you go by?

There are many Tribunal cases each year in all states across Australia with regards to the conclusion of a tenancy, many of these focus on the condition of the premises. It has been deemed by many jurisdictions as well as Tenant’s unions that Fair Wear and Tear is defined as ‘damage that occurs during normal use or something that happens due to ageing’.

This can also be left open to interpretation. At Astute Realty with commencement of a tenancy we carry out a comprehensive Entry ConditIon Report complete with 100’s of photos. We then ensure the tenant has opportunity to view the report and are in agreement with the condition of the property. At the conclusion of the tenancy any discrepancies are dealt with promptly with reference to the report.

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