At Astute  we have  specific procedures in place to assist tenants  to provide all relevant information and documentation  relative to their financial situation should they indicate they have been financially affected by the Covid-19 emergency.  We are also ensuring Tenants have access to information relative to Government Assistance and options of income support.  From here we are able to liaise with the Landlord, providing fact and guidance so they can make informed decisions based The Residential Tenancies regulations, the tenant’s financial situation, their own financial situation, Landlord Insurance Policy and much more …

For example – the first step in identifying a person who is truly deemed to has suffered or is suffering excessive hardship due to the COVID-19 emergency if during the emergency period any of the following 6 dot points apply:

  • they or someone they care for are afflicted by COVID-19
  • they are subject to a quarantine direction
  • a public health direction has closed their employment or restricted their employer’s trade or business, including for example a public health direction has closed a major supplier or customer of their employer
  • they are self-isolating because they or someone they live with or are a primary carer for is a vulnerable person
  • they are unable to work because a travel restriction imposed under a public health direction prevents them from working or returning home
  • they have been prevented from leaving or returning to Australia, AND

2 The person suffers a loss of income of 25% or more, OR

3 The rent payable is 30% or more of a person’s income

For more information on how Astute – proactively liaises between all parties, considering all the facts, to assist in reaching an outcome contact Tammy at Astute 55308407


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