Negotiating skills are essential to have in many situations particularly when you’re navigating the purchase of large items or assets. With the high value that property transactions attract, knowing how to navigate the negotiation process is crucial. Not only can strong negotiation skills help you in other areas of your life, but it can save you thousands of dollars. Here are a few things to remember when you’re negotiating your next property transaction.


It’s got to feel win-win

The negotiation process needs to feel like a win for both parties in a transaction. If you negotiate too hard with a seller, they may not take you seriously, and the sale won’t proceed. Similarly, if the seller negotiates too hard, you may be inclined to walk away. The key here is finding the middle ground for both parties to be happy with proceeding.


It’s not all about dollars

While negotiating price is a big part of the property purchasing process, there are other terms and conditions that you shouldn’t forget either. For example, as you negotiate on price, you can negotiate other terms and conditions too such as included fixtures and furnishings, finance terms, and building and pest terms. If you’re buying a new property, you may have additional non- financial items you could negotiate as well including discounts on certain finishes and upgrades.

Knowledge is power

Entering a negotiation without adequate knowledge will diminish your chances of getting what you want out of the transaction.When you’re purchasing a property, make sure you invest the time in building your knowledge base about the local property market, relevant property sale comparisons, and rental yields for the area. At this point, it may be worth paying for information if it will save you time and help you determine whether to proceed with the transaction in the first place.

Keep your options open

You never want to enter a negotiation appearing like this is your only option. Make sure the other party is convinced that you’re looking at other properties and you have other options. Simply mention that you’re looking at other options as you lay out the facts and figures in the negotiation process.

Have an expert help you

If you’re new to negotiating, or the thought of negotiating a big transaction intimidates you, invest in getting some coaching to help you through the process. You could even hire someone to help in the property purchase process directly. Just do an internet search for property investment consultants who can advise you. While it may seem counterintuitive to spend this money when you’re negotiating to save money, honing these skills now will pay great dividends in the future.


Strengthening your negotiation skills can help you to grow your portfolio while helping you save money and get what you want out of the property market. Remember these tips as you enter your next property transaction to make sure everything stacks up for you.

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