In light of the weather forecast here in Australia we thought today would be a great time to share 9 simple steps to Prepare your property for storm season and save money.

Here in Queensland, The Sunshine State is well known for the saying “Beautiful One Day – perfect the next” however destructive storms with heavy rain falls have threatened our homes and caused huge amounts of damage.

So how do you prepare your property to minimise damage and cost ??

We have put together an easy to follow checklist for Landlord’s and tenants to prepare for the next storm:

Landlords can work with their agent to ensure the following is completed:

  • Clean gutters regularly and ensure downpipes are clear
  • Trim trees which are close to the property and could potentially fall on the property
  • Ensure your roof is well maintained – including missing or broken tiles
  • Check your Insurance policy – ensure it is current and adequate


  • secure and tie down all outdoor items including furniture and children’s play equipment
  • Move all vehicles under cover to avoid hail damage
  • Unplug electrical items during a lightning storm to avoid power surge damage
  • Contact the agent immediately f they notice any leaks or damage to the property
  • Ensure you have Contents Insurance for all of your belongings

Every household should have emergency contacts on hand :

  • Police Fire Ambulance – 000
  • SES – Flood and Storm Emergency Services – 132500
  • Dangerous Electrical Emergency – Energex – 131962 OR Ergon – 131670
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