Optimise Rental Return!

We’ve never experienced anything like COVID-19 in our lifetimes, and when faced with uncertainty, it’s easy to worry about your rental return. 

So, whether you’ve been a property investor for decades or you’ve just purchased your first investment property in the last few weeks, there are a couple of things to consider as you optimise rental return on your investment property during a crisis like this.

Check Your Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance is something you rarely claim, but you always want to have to protect your investment property. In times of crisis, you must check your landlord insurance. Collect information on how you’re currently protected and what you’re covered for.

You also want to reach out to your landlord insurance provider to find out what action you are expected to take if you are in a position where you need to make a claim. Follow the instruction you’re given by your insurance company to ensure that you’re able to make that claim quickly and easily if required.


Understand Your Tenants

If you’re approached by your tenants to request a rent reduction, take a moment to understand their position. It’s important to acknowledge that your tenants are responding from a place of fear. Your tenants may be impacted in ways you do not know about, especially if their income has changed from the crisis. However, this doesn’t mean that you automatically have to give this rent reduction and impact rental return.

At Astute we have processes to ensure tenants receive assistance and links to various Government and Private organisations which may assist during these times, we also gather documentation and evidence detailing how the tenant is directly financially affected by Covid-19. Astute Landlords are then armed with Fact and able to approach their insurance company to obtain professional advice on how to respond to tenant requests and act logically and respectfully.


Speak With Your Bank

If you are financially impacted by this crisis, it is best to speak with your bank about mortgage relief. It is good to know what might be available to you in your circumstances. Remember to remain calm and patient through this process, as there may be delays in getting this information from your bank. During a crisis like this, banks are being bombarded with calls, emails and in-person requests, so wait times will be much longer than usual.

Keep Leasing Your Property

If your property has become vacant during this time, you can speak with your property manager to obtain professional advice. Your property manager will help to secure a tenant and optimise rental return in the market today. Astute Realty has adapted Marketing methods to ensure quality tenants can view properties via private inspection, experience video walkthroughs of properties and apply from the convenience of their own home.

Our aim is always to lease to quality tenants, minimise vacancy time and optimise rental return during the crisis.


In a time of crisis, remain fact-based and focused on solutions for your investment. Follow local government recommendations and stay in contact with your property manager to preserve the best outcomes for your investment property.

Remember, this information is not to be considered legal advice, and to be sure to obtain appropriate advice before making any financial or legal decisions.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerned about your rental property.


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There are a couple of things to consider as you optimise rental return on your investment property during a crisis like this.