As property owners it can be very tempting to just have things repaired/replaced as problems surface – and often without any real effort into prevention.

Although this approach can reduce your short term financial cost, in the long run it can be quite costly in future repairs/replacements of items that may not have been necessary if a preventative service had been conducted. Air Conditioners are a classic example of this. In many cases, property owners won’t bother with the recommended yearly servicing, however when the appliance does eventually break down – the costs are often much higher than they would have been otherwise. This could be that part of the system needs expensive new parts, or if the system itself needs replacement. In many cases, the appliance would have lasted significantly longer if the standard 12 monthly services had been conducted.

Astute Realty recommends that Home owners consider having their air conditioning system serviced in these upcoming cooler months, not only to prolong their lifespan – but also to help reduce the costs of the service given that the Air Conditioning companies will be more likely to offer a reduced price in their ‘off season’. This can also help avoid unnecessary break downs – especially in peak season; which will likely be more expensive for you, as well as having a longer turnaround time for the work to be completed – and unhappy Tenants in the meantime.

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