The team at Astute Realty understands reducing the risk for you as an investor is a high priority particularly with Legislative requirements.  Maintenance management is carried out in accordance with your instructions as the property investor, with guidance from our Management Team in terms of Legislation and ensuring your properties potential capital growth is not jeopardized. The tradespeople must be licensed and they must have public liability insurance cover to protect you and your investment.

It is our policy to ALWAYS contact the property owner first to get approval before conducting any sort of maintenance.  The only exception to this rule is emergency maintenance that occurs outside of business hours or where several attempts to contact the owner have failed. We guarantee to keep you informed, to act in accordance with your instructions and to comply with state legislation. Our team is happy to oblige in any way to ensure a good working relationship, to ensure a seamless solution  maintenance management.  Therefore we stay in close contact with you, advising of costs and quotes for repairs, as well as coordinating work to be carried out once approved.

If you are looking for a Property Management team that is focused on reducing risk for you as the investor, and maintaining communication to ensure a positive outcome, give us a call today on 55308407 or send an email to or click 



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