Winter has officially arrived, and for many people round Australia, that means cooler days and nights are here to stay. As it gets more difficult to wake up on a cold Winters morning your property living spaces may start to feel cold all the time

Fortunately, there are ways to keep your home warm throughout the Winter months without immediately opting to switch on your heater. Here are our tips for easy ways to turn your place into a cosy Winter home.

Embrace blankets and cushions

If you live in a place where the summers are scorching, the last thing you probably want on your couch and bed are extra blankets and pillows. Winter, however, is the perfect time to embrace throw blankets and extra cushions. For the most warmth, look for blankets made of wool or heavy synthetic fabrics. The key here is finding a blanket that will keep you warm and comfortable without being too hot. And while cushions won’t exactly keep you warm, they’re excellent for making your couch and bed feel extra cosy on movie nights.

Keep internal doors closed

Just like you do in the summer to keep areas cool, closing internal doors around your property will keep the area where you’re spending time warmer. This works particularly well with bathroom and laundry doors as these rooms are typically cooler than the living spaces and bedrooms in your home.

Cook a warming dish

Nothing warms up a kitchen like cooking a rich pasta sauce over the stove or a roast dinner in the oven. Cooking a warm and comforting dish will help to heat your kitchen, fill your home with comforting and warming aromas and give you a warm meal to enjoy under your cosy blankets.

Change your sheets

For the cold frogs out there, changing to flannelette sheets in the winter months is an excellent way to stay warm while you sleep. It may even eliminate the need for an electric blanket or keeping your heater on overnight.

Make mornings cosy

If you live in a home that gets cold overnight, keep your bedroom door closed when you sleep and place a cosy jumper beside your bed for when you wake up in the morning. Once your alarm goes off in the morning, go straight for a warm shower and put your big jumper on afterwards. The combination of warmth from the hot shower and your jumper will help to beat those difficult cold and dark moments of the early morning.

While most of us probably don’t enjoy the winter months, making a few simple changes around your home can help you feel warmer and cosier throughout the day. It’s all about recognising what you find hardest about winter and making little changes to make your home more comfortable.


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