Over the years I have come across many cases where agencies have failed to follow vacate procedures, leaving the property substandard for the next tenancy, resulting in the property deterioration between each tenancy, costly vacancy periods, loss of rent, or even a trip to QCat due to disgruntled new tenants living is substandard conditions.

As Managers of your investment property it is our responsibility to manage the end of tenancy process as per legislation, thus minimising vacancy, maximising return, and ensuring the property standard of presentation is maintained, as is the Capital Growth of the investment.

Below is an example of the steps  Astute Realty takes to maintain the standard of your property and save you money:

-We ensure the tenant meets their responsibilities providing the correct notice and if breaking lease, covering fees such as advertising and re-letting

-We provide our Landlords a Comparative Market Appraisal in the last 3 months of tenancy,  so that if the market allows for an increase, the necessary paperwork and negotiation with the tenant can occur.

– If the tenant is vacating Astute starts the advertising process as soon as possible to give maximum advertising time, and minimise vacancy.

–  We provide the vacating tenant a vacate pack confirming in writing their vacate date, monies owed and a checklist  to assist with the expectation in relation to the final inspection regarding what needs to be cleaned, removed, etc.

–  The Exit Inspection is very thorough and a direct comparison to the Entry Condition Report and Entry date stamped photos which we hold on our data base for the term of the tenancy. The expectation is that the property needs to be handed back in the same condition as it was offered to the tenant.

–  All returned keys are verified from the key registry compiled at the start of tenancy.

– Astute will also recommend any possible improvements which could be carried out between tenancies to the Landlord?

– The bond is not released before all expenses are covered where applicable, including rent to vacate or required notice period, cleaning, gardening, rubbish removal, outstanding charges for water, break lease costs, damage caused by the tenant repaired etc.

Don’t jeopardise your main asset,  instead call Astute if you are not receiving this standard of service!

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