Searching for a New Home?

Searching for a new home to rent can be a tedious process. Between scrolling through listings, attending inspections and putting your application paperwork together, it can be easy to be quickly exhausted by the whole process.

However, with a specific list in mind of what you’re looking for in a new home and understanding what’s important to you, some clarity can be brought to the house-hunting process. Here’s five things to consider when you’re looking for a new home.

1. Location

The location of your new home is arguably the most important factor many people want to get right. Before you begin scrolling through property listings, make a note of your location preferences and situations where you’re willing to compromise. For example, you may find a home you like but it’s in the suburb next to your ideal location. In this case, you need to ask yourself if you’d prefer to prioritise the home itself over the location or continue your search.

2. Be open to negotiating

When you’re renting the pressure of lease start and end dates can make the house hunting process feel like one big rush. To give yourself as much time as possible for your property search, start looking for properties as soon as possible and keep in contact with your property manager. If you have a good relationship with your property manager, and you’re worried about moving out on your lease end date, you may be able to negotiate paying rent for a specific number of days or weeks after your lease ends. This may be subject to whether a new tenant and lease is already organised for your current property.

3. Lifestyle priorities

While the prospect of a lively neighbourhood full of bars and clubs may be appealing, you may come to regret being a full-time resident in an area where you may be kept awake by bustling nightlife. To avoid problems like this, consider your lifestyle priorities. You can start by asking yourself what an ideal weekend around your local area looks like for you and whether you’re set on living walking distance to lifestyle amenities and transport options.

4. Price

Weighing up the weekly rental price you’re willing to pay is a big part of the house hunting process. You’ll need to consider the price and what’s actually included. For example, you may find a place that’s slightly over your budget, but it may include all of your appliances and utilities such as gas. This is where it’s helpful to stay open minded about price and what’s included in your lease.


Searching for a new home can be an exhausting process but keeping the four factors listed above in mind when you’re inspecting places will help you stay clear on what you’re looking for in a new home. If you’re particular about your living environment, you may not find something you love straight away.

Although it can be difficult, practice a patient approach to your property search so you secure a place you’re excited to call home. Feel free to contact us if you are searching for your next home on the Gold Coast.

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