As an investor, we understand your primary objective is to maximise rent and optimise capital growth on your investment property. The team at Astute Realty understands this.

As part of our service to you, we realise the importance of rental returns and we are constantly monitoring the current market rent on your behalf.  A minimum of one rent review, based on the comparative market, is carried out per year on all managed investment properties and one is automatically carried out when a tenant vacates a property, or their tenancy agreement comes up for renewal. At Astute Realty we don’t just focus on managing the property, we focus on managing your asset.

If your rent hasn’t been increased in the last 12 months and you are wondering if you home is achieving current market value. Please call one of our friendly Property Managers today for a free property health check Contact Tammy


Do you want to attract quality tenants, minimise vacancy time, and ensure a smoother transition to tenancy?

Our- 6 Tips For Preparing Your Investment Property For Tenants – will guide you down a more successful path!

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