One of the most commonly asked questions by clients is -How much will my investment property lease for?

At Astute we take the time to ensure that we provide our clients with enough information to make informed decisions and be involved when pricing the property for lease. The price will ultimately be decided by-  the comparable market at the time, the property type, the time of the year, and the supply and demand of similar property taken into consideration.

We will take the time to go through data of previously leased similar properties, as well as those currently for lease so as to present the relative information,   ensuring your property is marketed at  a price point to achieve the maximum rental price possible, whilst minimising vacancy time, and costs.

This appraisal can also be used as official documentation presented to the Banks for Finance Approval.

If you would like your investment to be advertised so as to achieve the highest possible rental return whilst minimising the vacancy period, please contact me for an appraisal at Astute Realty – 55308407

Do you want to attract a quality tenant, minimise vacancy time, and ensure a smoother transition to tenancy?

Our- 6 Tips For Preparing Your Investment Property For Tenants – will guide you down a more successful path!

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