Of course it is important to interview several potential agents so as to make an informed decision on who will best property manager for your investment property, which you have put your hard earned savings into.

At Astute Realty we manage each investors property as if it were our own, avoiding a “one size fits all” approach to property¬†management, instead ensuring personalised, professional, individualised management solutions to best suite the property and individual. When selecting the property manager, it is important you consider these important factors:

  • The agent will accurately appraise your rental property to quickly rent it to quality tenants keeping your vacancy period to a minimum.
  • Understands the importance of presentation to attract the right tenant, who in turn will pay the rent on time and respect the property.
  • Knows the importance of in-depth tenant induction, ensuring they are well educated on expectations ensuring a much better chance of tenancy success.
  • Believes the rent must be paid on time every time and educates the tenant accordingly.
  • Promptly attends to repairs and maintenance as they are observed or reported by the tenant.
  • Quickly negotiates a new lease renewal term and keeps the rent maximised at lease renewal time, in liaison with the property owner.
  • Ensures the property is kept well maintained at a high level of cleanliness at property #inspections# and quickly follows up with the tenant anything found to be unsatisfactory.
  • Makes sure the property is vacated satisfactorily to a high standard of cleanliness, allowing for reasonable fair wear and tear, comparing the property to a comprehensive written ingoing inspection report and a variety of digital photos taken at the tenancy start

At Astute Realty– we stand by our mission statement which is “real estate is more than bricks and mortar its about people their homes and the community”


Do you want to attract quality tenants, minimise vacancy time, and ensure a smoother transition to tenancy?

Our- 6 Tips For Preparing Your Investment Property For Tenants Рwill guide you down a more successful path!


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