In the midst of the current housing crisis, securing a rental property has become increasingly competitive. For prospective tenants, this means taking a proactive and strategic approach to your tenancy application is more important than ever. To make it easier on you, we’ve listed 9 key strategies to enhance your chances of success at your next rental property.


  1. Proactive is the Way to Go

Being proactive is crucial. Start your search early and keep a keen eye on new listings. Set up alerts on real estate websites and be ready to act quickly when a suitable property comes up. Time is of the essence in a competitive market, so staying ahead is key.


  1. A Completed Application Form

A fully completed application form is your first opportunity to make a good impression. Ensure all sections are filled out accurately and thoroughly. Double-check for any errors or omissions, as even small mistakes can put you at a disadvantage in a pool of applicants.


  1. Direct Contact with the Agent

Don’t hesitate to contact the property manager directly. This shows your serious interest in the property and can provide you with valuable insights. Ask questions, clarify details about the property, and express your keenness to rent. Building a rapport with the property manager can sometimes give you an edge.


  1. Present Well at the Inspection (like a job interview)

Treat the property inspection like a job interview. First impressions count. Dress neatly and arrive on time. Be courteous and respectful during the inspection. Demonstrating that you’re a responsible and reliable person can significantly influence the agent’s or landlord’s decision.


  1. A Personal Cover Letter

Including a personal cover letter with your application can set you apart. This letter should briefly introduce you, outline why you are interested in the property, and highlight your strengths as a tenant. This personal touch can make your application more memorable.


  1. The Pet Resume

If you have a pet, adding a pet resume to your application can be beneficial. This should include details about your pet’s breed, age, behaviour, and any training they’ve received. References from previous landlords or neighbours attesting to your pet’s good behaviour can also be a plus.


  1. Financial Readiness

Demonstrate your financial stability. Include recent pay slips or a bank statement to show you can afford the rent. If you’re new to the workforce or don’t have a long rental history, consider asking a parent or guardian to co-sign your lease.


  1. References

References are crucial. Include contact details for previous landlords or agents who can vouch for your reliability and good tenancy history. If this is your first time renting, professional or personal references can also be helpful.


  1. Follow Up

After the inspection, a follow-up call or email to the agent expressing your continued interest can keep you top of mind. Be polite and professional, and reiterate why you think the property is a good fit for you.


Securing a rental property during a housing crisis requires preparation, professionalism, and a bit of personal touch. By being proactive, presenting well, and providing a comprehensive and compelling application, you can greatly increase your chances of success. Remember, the rental market may be challenging, but with the right approach, you can find your ideal home.


For more advice on securing your next rental property, or for any real estate inquiries, reach out to us at Astute Realty, where we are committed to providing friendly and expert guidance in the Gold Coast property market.

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