Property Management

At Astute Realty, we are committed to excellence and results we care about each client and their personal needs and we strive to work hard to achieve their goal.

Our office is designed for the business of real estate, our technology is state-of-the-art and our business systems are ‘best practice’ We truly understand the importance of communication with our clients and ensure prompt feedback and relevant information and advice is provided.

In fact, at Astute, we take managing your property so seriously that we offer our clients a Money Back Service Guarantee – in writing. We even distribute rental income to our Landlord’s weekly so that your money is working for you in your account, rather than sitting in our trust account for a month.

We understand that communication is the key to our relationship with you and whether it is ‘good’ news or ‘bad’ news, we won’t keep it from you. We also keep you updated with progress and activity reports, relating to your Property and Tenants.

Our experienced Property Managers handle the task of maintaining your investment, through routine inspections and rent reviews – our goal is to increase your income and ensure your investment is working for you with minimal hassles.

If you’re considering changing your property management agent, the team at Astute Realty welcome the opportunity to explain how Astute can work for you. And remember, transferring your property to Astute, from your current agent is easy. We will take care of all the communication and paperwork for you.

Nine (9) Reasons to Choose Astute Realty Property Management

Astute Realty believes that our service, dedicated to your investment, ensures that you receive the ‘maximum’ possible return. You are not just another ‘number’ to us. We care about your financial success!
Astute Realty is a strong supporter and member of TICA. TICA is a ‘default’ tenancy database, which covers Australia and New Zealand. It contains the names and details of tenants who have defaulted on their tenancy agreements. Astute Realty always checks prospective tenants who have applied for a rental property, against this database to ensure that they are not listed on it. We also work hard to find out as much information (within the Federal Privacy legislative guidelines) about the prospective tenants as possible, to grant you ‘peace of mind’ and to help secure the ‘best’ tenant applicant for your investment property. We then discuss the options with you – allowing you to make the final decision. Your tenant will be required to pay a rental bond (equivalent to 4 weeks rent – as per current Qld Residential Tenancy legislation) and 2 weeks rent ‘in advance’ before possession of your property is granted.
Our senior investment property management team are always aware of the current local rental market. We are constantly researching and studying the areas where our investment properties are located. This knowledge is vital. It assists you to ‘maximise’ your rental income and also helps to keep ‘vacancy’ levels to a minimum.
To better maximise your rental return, we believe it is important to keep your tenant happy and comfortable in their new home. This ensures that they will live longer and keep your property clean and tidy. Our agency has produced many brochures to ensure that new tenants are familiar with the local area. These include:

  • Locality maps
  • Local phone numbers of businesses and community organisations
  • Details on bin collections
  • ‘Easy to read’ instruction manuals for common appliances, etc. We also aid new tenants with phone and electricity connections and information in regard to pool and/or garden maintenance.
Before your tenant moves in, they are given a detailed Qld Residential Tenancy Authority ‘Entry Condition’ written report’ which is compiled and recorded by your experienced Senior Investment Property Manager. We also take very comprehensive photographs of all aspects (inside and outside) of your investment property. We carry out regular routine inspections to monitor the condition of your property and how your tenants are maintaining it. We are very diligent in following up any irregularities as soon as they are noted. We provide you with regular reports and photographs in regard to how your investment property is being maintained and looked after.
Astute Realty is proud to produce an ‘end of financial year’ statement that details all information your accountant will require to undertake your tax return. This information will relate to the transactions that have been undertaken by our agency on your behalf. Our ‘end of month’ statements are also ‘top quality’. These are regularly emailed to you (or ‘hard’ copy if your require) at the end of each month. Funds are also distributed electronically at month end into your bank account.
Our team utilises the services of tradespeople who are fully licensed, insured and trained when undertaking maintenance on your property. We also understand that ‘fast and prompt’ service is required when carrying out repairs to keep your tenant happy and of course, to comply with all current Qld Residential Tenancy legislative requirements. Prior to a new tenant moving into a property, we require that the property is professionally cleaned, again to comply with all tenancy legislation and to eliminate any disagreements at the end of the tenancy.
Our sales team are always on hand to provide you with an accurate market analysis of your property and to market it professionally and get it sold at the ‘right’ and ‘highest’ possible current market price.
You are very important to us! We value your comments on our management and service at any time. One of our goals is to always look for ‘new and better’ ways to service our clients. Should you have any suggestions – we certainly welcome your input.

Astute Property Management absolutely guarantees that we provide a comprehensive service and much more.

Astute Realty was conceived when Tammy and her husband Phil, realised that there was a serious gap in the manner in which investment properties were ‘looked after’ and managed by other agents. As property investors themselves, they had experienced, through the process of buying and selling their own investment properties, there was also a ‘gap’ in the service delivered to clients by sales agencies.

As a result of these experiences, Tammy and Phil decided to open their own ‘highly professional’ and Real Estate business which provides a high level of attention to detail.

“We wanted to provide a ‘complete’ service where clients could take comfort by knowing that as owners of the agency, both Phil, myself as well as the Astute team, would always take a very ‘hands on approach’ to the management of our clients valued investment properties and with the sale of their investment property or home. We also strive to ensure that every property placed on the sale market is marketed well and that it achieves the highest possible current market price” – Tammy Game

As General Manager, Tammy is involved in all levels of the business and has worked in real estate for the past 10 years with a particular focus on property management. Tammy’s previous background was in the medical industry, where she worked as a radiologist and her ‘focus’ has always been to provide quality client care and service. This caring ‘client focus’ is carried over from Tammy’s previous medical background and is reflected in all Tammy’s real estate activities.