With nearly 20 years of expertise in property management, I am dedicated to providing quality customer service to landlords and tenants alike. My extensive experience has equipped me with the skills to navigate the complexities of the real estate industry and deliver top-notch service.

Three words to describe myself:
Reliable, outgoing and empathetic—these qualities define my approach to property management. With nearly two decades of experience, I bring a reliable and empathetic touch to ensure exceptional service.

Why I love my job: I find immense joy in developing robust relationships with all clients. My passion lies in assisting others and ensuring exceptional service in every aspect of property management.

What I like to do: Outside of work, you can often find me exploring nature through hiking or beach walks. I enjoy quiet moments with a good book, engage in strength training, and relish relaxing beach days.

Three sentences to describe myself: I am outgoing and friendly, always ready to connect with others. Empathy is a cornerstone of my personality, making me a good listener who understands the unique needs of clients. Genuine, honest, and caring, I strive to bring authenticity to every interaction.

One thing that nobody knows about me: In a previous chapter of my life, I pursued a career as a chef, adding a flavourful dimension to my diverse background.

Elke White

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