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Getting the most from your Tax Return with Astute Realty

As a Landlord Astute Realty Clients may be entitled to a range of tax deductions which can help increase your tax return and provide you a greater return on your investment. As rent received forms part of your income, you are entitled to claim legitimate expenses in the pursuit of earning that income. This can include such things as Building and Landlord Insurance, Advertising, Body Corporate Fees and Garden maintenance.…

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Entry Condition Reports Can Save You Money

I have been amazed at the low expectation of  Landlords in regards to the process undertaken by their previous Property Managers when new tenants are approved to live in their house. At ASTUTE REALTY , based at HOPE ISLAND, we make sure the 9 page Entry Condition Report is completed in detail along with approximately 150 photos being kept on file to ensure  every detail of the condition of your…

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