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As university results are released, and a new year begins many first time tenants will be taking to the streets in search of their First Rental. In a strong market like this, they will not only be challenged when applying for property due to a lack or rental history, credit history, and experience, however may fall into a trap of making silly mistakes as a tenant which could blemish their rental history. Here are a few points presented to Year 12 students by Tammy Game to ensure they would be competitive when applying for a property however also educated as a tenant:

  • Ensure the property you are applying for suites your needs and capabilities in terms of location ie transport to uni, ongoing maintenance of yards, access to resources such as NBN.
  • When inspecting the property have your application and supporting documentation complete, so as to have one foot in the door, rather than viewing and taking several days to apply, by which time you would have missed out.
  • If you don’t have a credit history, have mum or dad apply for the property with you as guarantor.
  • Ensure all room mates are on the lease and equally responsible for the property and payment of the rent.
  • Open a joint Bank account for all tenants to pay into, then set up an automatic transfer of rent to the Real Estate Agency, thus ensuring accountability of all roommates.

For further information or Handy Hints – please don’t hesitate to contact Tammy Game at Astute Realty- Hope Island, on 55308407, as we are only too happy to assist.

                                                                          By – Tammy Game – Astute Realty- Property Management Specialists